It is with focus that we can learn to concentrate on area's of our lives, starting with small steps, of doing small things daily, developing new daily habits.

From learning FOCUS you can learn how to set new boundaries because you get an understanding that you are import enough to spend that time on your goal.

Support Offer 

3 x 30min 1 to 1 video Coaching Sessions

+ 2 per week (6) - Support backup 10min phone calls

or Messenger linkups to ask any questions about keeping FOCUSED.

WK1. Helping you with planning your path into bite size achievable and realistic time frames.


WK 2. Helping you build self awareness so you can monitor our inner world,

 (Your thoughts). Learn new strategies to understand your inner state,

your emotions,and how to develop habits to give you stickability.

WK 3. Understanding your boundaries now,how we can re-set them to help you

expand and grow.

$ 245.00



Offer Price Only Available Until 14th June 2020

With Your Coach Marion