Peace from Silent Whispers

About the Author:

James Freshwater having suffered a web of emotions all his life, rebellious, angry, frustrated, he believed this came from the suicide of his father. People over time had attached Jim's depression to this single incident. Told to get over it and move on. The depression grew deeper, feeling he was living two lives, the outside life and the hidden inside life.

Becoming a Life Coach and challenging his beliefs, every bit of what his life had been. Jim has worked through his journey to write, "Peace from Silent Whispers" now his life's mission to help other Men overcome the guilt, shame, anger, frustrations of their roller coaster emotions, unpacking in depth the secrets we all hold within. Eight years ago Jim had 5 friends on 24/7 watch, they were there and Jim is here today. Jim has been in the same position as you, in the deep dark hole that is so hard to climb out of. 

You will get a deeper understanding of why you feel the way you do, as I share my theory and how you too can find peace.

For those suffering depression this book invites you on a self discovery deep within, using Jim's newly developed theories on what causes depression. "Peace from Silent Whispers" creates new thinking, insights & includes questions to prompt and support you through your own healing journey.


Note from the Author:

  Here in this book it is my greatest intention to help as many as possible to develop self

awareness and awakening with lessons to help you through your journey.

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